ABOUT US • Visionest


Visionest Institute is a leading training and development company that provides its services to organizations in Estonia and internationally. The company has offices in Tallinn and Kyiv. We have 33 years of training experience (since 1990); on average, around 2500 people attend our courses annually. Visionest Institute’s international network of coaches spans Estonia, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Italy and Norway. We train export coaches in Ukraine and management coaches in Estonia. Additionally, we publish a sectoral online magazine called Director/Inseneeria.

We have diverse experience and profound knowledge in the cultural and creative industries, food, information technology, social welfare, tourism, manufacturing, service enterprises, and the public sector. Over 20 experts at Visionest Institute collaborate to create and carry out international, wide-reaching projects for educating organizations and individuals in management, expanding into global markets, strategy development, and marketing.

Our true passion is to create impactful and innovative flagship programs that shape people’s mindsets, help develop new skills, and initiate positive changes in companies and organizations.

Our core competency lies in creating innovative training methods and experimenting with them. We combine online and face-to-face learning, mutual learning from peers, gamification, networking, mentoring, counselling, and testing systematically and effectively. We always find the best way to coach so that everything learned can be applied in real situations within your organization.

We take pride in the numerous international recognitions that Visionest Institute training have received. The European Commission, European Training Foundation, and Emerging Europe Awards have acknowledged our programs.