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Curriculum development

General Terms and Conditions

Anyone who expresses a desire to study at Visionest Institute (formerly known as the Marketing Institute), has paid the tuition fee, and possesses language proficiency at least at the B2 level in the language in which the training is conducted, will be accepted. Depending on the training or the client, a training agreement may also be required.

Registration for the training takes place upon receipt of a written application through the Visionest Institute website, by email, or via the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Participation in the training is confirmed within three working days after the application is received.

The training group is formed based on the order of received applications. The registration deadline for training is no later than one working day before the training begins. Those registered for the training will receive detailed information by email at least one week before the training, including the exact time and place of the training and information on accessing the training environment. Participants have the right to request additional information from the client relationship manager about the training.

Students are registered in the training based on a list, and each training day, participants confirm their attendance by signing in.

If the training group is not filled, Visionest Institute reserves the right to cancel or postpone the training until the group is filled. Registered participants will be notified by phone or email at least two days in advance. If the training is cancelled due to reasons attributable to the organisers, the training fee will be refunded.

Visionest Institute reserves the right to exclude students who have unpaid tuition fees, who do not attend the training for learning purposes, who record the training without permission, or who use Visionest Institute’s training materials to offer training services without written consent.

The training fee must be paid according to the invoice sent by email by the due date indicated on the invoice. It is possible to pay the training fee in instalments, for which a separate agreement is made with the payer. A full refund of the training fee is granted only if withdrawal from the training is notified at least five working days before the start of the training. Visionest Institute will make every effort to provide the participant with an opportunity to register for a subsequent training on the same topic.

If the participant withdraws from the training less than five working days before the start of the training or during the training, no refund will be given.

Participants who complete the training will receive a certificate or diploma. A certificate of participation or completion in continuing education is issued if the learning outcomes were not assessed during the training or the participant did not achieve them. A diploma is issued if the learning outcomes were assessed and the participant achieved them.

At a minimum, the following information will be included on the certificate and/or diploma: 1) the participant’s name and personal identification number; 2) Visionest Institute’s name and registration number; 3) the registration number of the respective curriculum group in the Estonian Education Information System; 4) the title of the curriculum; 5) the time and volume of the training; 6) the place and date of issuance of the certificate or diploma; 7) the number of the certificate or diploma; 8) the names of the trainers.

The certificate or its appendix will also indicate the acquired learning outcomes, the methods of assessing the achievement of learning outcomes (such as exam, test, practical work, or similar), and the assessment results.