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Visionest Networking Club Meeting 22.05

Starts: 22/05/2024Ends: 22/05/2024

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Calling all Visionest Institute alumni in Ukraine and Estonia! We’re thrilled to announce the start of the combined Visionest Networking Club for all our alumni in Estonia and Ukraine, a dynamic community designed to foster connections, knowledge exchange, and professional growth.

 What to Expect:

Reconnect & Network: Renew bonds with former classmates and alumni of another project both in Ukraine and Estonia, exchange success stories, and explore future collaborations.

Cross-Border Collaboration: Discover project opportunities where Ukrainian and Estonian companies can join forces.

Industry Insights: Gain valuable perspectives from alumni and guest speakers on current trends and challenges in your field.

Career Advancement: Sharpen your skills with discussions on career paths, job-hunting strategies, and interview tips.

Leadership & Management: Exchange best practices on leading teams, managing projects, and corporate governance.

The Future of Business: Explore the impact of emerging technologies like AI, Big Data, and Blockchain on various industries.

Sustainable Practices: Learn how businesses can contribute to a greener future.

Personal Development: Focus on topics like work-life balance, stress management, and continuous learning.

The Visionest Networking Club will host regular meetings every quarter, featuring diverse topics to keep you engaged and up-to-date. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to reconnect, share knowledge, and propel your professional journey! Stay tuned for details on the first meeting!

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